Raised by hawks, on the top ledge of a New York apartment building, Oddry is a creative inventor who leads a secret life of adventure. So secret, she can’t even talk to other humans. Her hawk parents forbid it. They believe that if humans discover Oddry, something bad might happen. But that’s OK; Oddry has animal friends and can talk to them, and she is absolutely happy and content with her splendid life. Until one day a boy named Will discovers her, and her whole world changes forever.

Explore the World of Oddry

A book for ages 5 and up by Obie Scott Wade

with Allison Miller and Jordan Beswick

Illustrations by Moayoshi Rino

Book Design by Josh Worth

Proceeds from sales of this book support these wonderful organizations.

About the Authors

Obie Scott Wade

A diverse background in fine art, science and media gives Obie Scott Wade a unique creative perspective on life. The creator of cartoons such as SheZow and Julius & Friends, Wade began his career in children’s media at PBS station WQED Pittsburgh, the home of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His writing credits also include Zatch Bell, Baby Looney Tunes and the upcoming graphic novel Skinned. When Wade isn’t busy writing books, TV shows or movies, he is busy working with non-profit organizations that provide outreach and resources to homeless and abused youth.

Allison Miller

Allison Miller is a television writer and poet. She has worked on the television show Spartacus on Starz and on Syfy’s Defiance. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of California, Irvine, where she was a Jacob K. Javits fellow in poetry. While at the University of California, she taught composition and creative writing, worked as poetry editor for Faultline, UC Irvine’s literary journal, and served as editor of Jupiter Launches, an interactive online journal of Santa Ana Unified School District student writing. She has received two Academy of American Poets Prizes. She also received the Thatcher Guild Prize for Poetry and the Kerker Quinn Award for Creative Writing while at the University of Illinois. Her work has appeared in Sycamore Review and Harpur Palate. She lives in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas.

Jordan Beswick

Jordan Beswick’s latest play, Our Lady of Perpetual Donuts premiered at Le Lucernaire in Paris and was an instant hit with the masses and hailed as a revelation by critics in the French press. No stranger to the international stage, Beswick has seen his plays produced in such notable venues as the groundbreaking Celebration Theater in Los Angeles, CA, at the renowned Riverside Studios in London, and as part of the prestigious New Playwright's Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. When Beswick isn’t busy creating new stage works, he is busy raising his two sons and coaching professional actors for all mediums.